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Clator is a small community that is tucked into the side of the Wheeling hills. The neighborhood runs parallel to I-70 and is mostly made up of residential houses. The neighborhood grew during the mid to late 1900s with the increased national interest in suburban living.

There are many amenities in Clator, with restaurants, autobody shops, and grocery stores, within close driving distance. In addition, the very close proximity to Wheeling Hospital provides quick access to medical services. The Wheeling Heritage Trail runs right alongside Clator with plenty of recreation opportunities. I-70 provides quick access for commuting or to easily get to other parts of Wheeling.

[fun_facts fact1="Clator is one of Wheeling's smallest residential neighborhoods." fact2="Clator is in a great location: It's situated beside Wheeling Hospital, the Howard Long Wellness Center (Wheeling's largest gym), and Interstate 70. " fact3="" fact4="" fact5="" fact6=""]

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