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Elm Grove

Elm Grove is the community located at the intersection of I-70 and Route 40, or the “Forks of Wheeling.” The area was first known as “Shepherdsville” home to the Monument Place plantation of Colonel Moses and Lydia Shepherd, Ohio Valley elites of the 19th century. In the late 19th and early 20th century, Elm Grove drew a significant Sicilian immigrant population, which still has deep influences in the community. In November 2020, the neighborhood of Elm Grove started to be surveyed for the potential to qualify for recognition as a historical district.

With the National Road running straight through the area, Elm Grove is one of the most self-sufficient Wheeling neighborhoods. A section of the Wheeling Heritage Trail starts in Elm Grove, providing easy and safe access to activities such as running, biking, and walking. Some of Wheeling’s most iconic businesses got their start in Elm Grove, and many amenities are within easy access for residents and patrons.

Elm Grove is the home of Monument Place, the oldest known building in Wheeling. Built in 1798, Monument Place was once the home and plantation of a prominent pioneer family. These days, it's home to the Osiris Shriners.

The Elm Grove Bridge is tied to local lore. It's said that the bridge was built as part of a local prominent family's efforts to have the National Road go through Elm Grove. And apparently, it worked!

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