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The Oglebay neighborhood consists of the properties located around Oglebay Park, a large 2,000-acre public park. Most of the land was once part of industrialist Earl W. Oglebay’s summer estate that was gifted to the people of Wheeling for public recreation. With a little bit more of a rural feel, the houses tend to be spaced further apart with significant yards or land. There are a few apartment buildings to choose from as well.

There is plenty of recreation to choose from at Oglebay Park, including hiking, walking, golf, skiing, fishing, tennis, a zoo, and more. The park also includes gardens and tour options through the Mansion and Glass Museums. There are a few restaurants and shops, but most amenities are located a short 10-15 minute drive away, in another suburb or Downtown Wheeling.

[fun_facts fact1="The Oglebay neighborhood is home to Oglebay Park, the nation's only self-sustaining public park. It was gifted to the City by Earl Oglebay in 1926." fact2="Upon his death, Earl Oglebay willed his estate to the City of Wheeling for use as a park... right before the Great Depression hit. Thorughout the 1930s, the federal relief effort, the Civilian Conservation Corps, made improvements to the property. The pool, Pine Room, and golf shop at the Crispin center remain virtually unchanged as excellent examples of CCC era construction." fact3="" fact4="" fact5="" fact6=""]

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