Woodsdale wheeling West Virginia


Woodsdale is located east of Wheeling off of National Road and Bethany Pike. As one of the “Out the Pike” neighborhoods, Woodsdale became a very popular and fashionable place to live in the late 19th century into the early 20th century. Many of these houses retain their historic allure with carriage houses that have been repurposed into garages or storage. Today, Woodsdale is part of the Woodsdale-Edgewood Neighborhood Historic District.

Woodsdale is largely a residential area with nearby access to the businesses on National Road. There are staples of Wheeling such as local restaurants, shops, and markets. It is also home to numerous schools and religious institutions. There are several options for entertainment, including playgrounds, parks, spas, bowling, and more.

[fun_facts fact1="Woodsdale is a great example of an early American streetcar suburb. As Wheeling grew and the streetcar system was able to transport people out of downtown, Woodsdale became a popular neighborhood for upper middle class families looking to escape the industrial grime of downtown." fact2="Most of Woodsdale's homes were built in the first quarter of the 20th century, and feature the 'modern amenities' of time time such as carriage houses and call bells." fact3="" fact4="" fact5="" fact6=""]

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