South Wheeling West Virginia

South Wheeling

South Wheeling, historically known as “Ritchietown,” has a rich industrial and labor organizing legacy, the evidence of which can still be seen in the still-operating or repurposed historic factory buildings. As a 19th and 20th century hub for Eastern European immigrants, South Wheeling is known for being one of the most ethnically diverse areas of Wheeling. Today, it is listed as a national historic district.

South Wheeling is home to lots of restaurants, shops, autobody services, and other businesses. Options for recreation in the neighborhood include the Wheeling Heritage Trail that runs along the Ohio River and several parks. City streets as well as I-470 and Route 250 provide for a quick commute and numerous options for getting to other parts of Wheeling.

[fun_facts fact1="In the early 19th century, Wheeling flourished as a manufacturing and a transportation center. With access to river and rail transportation, industrial expansion drove much of South Wheeling's growth." fact2="By the 1830s, English, Irish, and German craftsmen, artisans, and entrepreneurs began settling in South Wheeling, then known as “Ritchietown.” Business pioneers experimented with new mechanization, and the production of glass, pottery, tobacco, beer, and cut nails put South Wheeling on the map." fact3="" fact4="" fact5="" fact6=""]

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